Chocolate Fountain Assembly Instructions

Chocolate fountain assembly instuctions
No worries! The chocolate fountain really only consists of a few parts.

Depending on the chocolate fountain brand (such as Rival, Nostalgia, Sephra, Total Chef Koolatron, Helman, ChocoMaker, Chocoa, Wilton), some parts may already be assembled. These chocolate fountain assembly instructions apply to most major brands.


Chocolate fondue fountains (and mini-chocolate fountains) are really easy to use, but you’ll definitely want to use our delicious no oil needed, Belgian style Chocoley Just Melt It! Fountain & Fondue Chocolate.

1. Start with the base, which has a bowl sitting on top. This is the reservoir for the chocolate and is called the Base Bowl. The size of the Base Bowl will determine the maximum capacity of chocolate the fountain will hold. You will later add chocolate to the Base Bowl to fill the fountain, while the fountain is not operating.

2. Next is the Tower or Auger Tube. This part attaches to the Base Bowl, often just sitting on three pins and stands straight up and down from the center of the Base Bowl. Some fountains have an Auger Tube that is two or even three pieces which need to be locked together first to create one long tube.

3. The Tiers come next; typically there are 2 or 3, along with the top tier, which is called the Crown. If the Tiers are not already attached to the Auger Tube, then you’ll start with the largest Tier first and slide it (face down) over the top of the Auger Tube and it should slide or lock into the bottom position. Next slide the next largest Tier over the Auger Tube into position, etc. Don’t put the Crown on yet.

Important Note: Always assemble with the Tiers face down, so the Tiers cannot trap and hold the chocolate. Also, make sure the Tiers are in their proper position and level, if they’re tilted the chocolate will not flow evenly and it won’t look nearly as nice.

4. Next comes the Auger, which looks like a cork screw and is the most important part…it drives the chocolate up through the Auger Tube and over the Tiers. If the auger is in two parts, assemble together to create one piece. The end of the Auger with a notch or slit is the bottom. Some fountains have an Auger with a round knob at the top end, to act as a handle. Slide the Auger (notched end down) down the center of the Auger Tube. Gently twist the Auger clockwise until it slips into position and engages with the mechanism in the center of the base bowl (You’ll know it’s in position when there is resistance while gently twisting the Auger).

5. Finally, place the Crown on the top. Some brand’s Crown is designed to hold the top of the Auger in position.

6. Place the chocolate fountain where you are going to operate it, if it’s not already there. Using a hand level (4″ – 6″ level available at your local hardware store), level the fountain. Set the level on the edge of the Base Bowl and make sure the little bubble is in the middle between the lines. If it’s not, adjust the little feet at the bottom of the Base Bowl to get the fountain level. Take level readings from different sides of the base bowl, to ensure the fountain is level from all directions. If the floor or table is not level, this may take a few minutes. This is the hardest part of the setup…don’t get frustrated as this will make a big difference in how the fountain looks while chocolate is flowing.

7. Most fountains have two controls; one to operate the Heating Element and the other to operate the Auger. Turn on the Heating Element and let the fountain warm up for about 15 minutes before adding chocolate. Now, go melt your no oil needed Chocoley Just Melt It! Fountain & Fondue Chocolate, following the microwave instructions on the lid of each tub.

8. Pour your Chocoley Just Melt It! Fountain & Fondue Chocolate into the preheated Base Bowl, careful not to overflow the Base Bowl.

9. Turn on the Auger control and enjoy your beautiful chocolate fountain.

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