How To Color White Chocolate With Candy Coloring Oil

How to color white chocolateAlso see: How To Color Chocolate With Powder Colorants

Adding color to white chocolate is very easy, but it is important that you follow a couple of simple rules or you may be more than disappointed by the results.

What You Need To Know Before You Begin

  • Our oil based coloring is specially formulated for chocolate. NEVER add a water based food coloring to chocolate. Adding a water based food coloring to your chocolate will destroy it!
  • Chocolate is very sensitive to temperatures (both high and low). When adding colorings to melted chocolate, make sure the coloring oil is close to the same temperature as the chocolate.
  • Chocolate hardens when it drops in temperature to the mid 70° F, so, if you add a coloring oil that is at room temperature (around 68° F) to melted chocolate (ranging from 88° F– 115° F), you will SHOCK the chocolate and it will SEIZE (get lumpy, get gritty or thicken up and get pasty).
  • When you use coloring oil to color white chocolate, think of them as mixing a colored paint with white paint – you create the depth of color/tint that you want by adding a few drops at a time to the melted white chocolate. With our chocolate coloring oils , a 2 oz. bottle will vibrantly color up to 6 pounds of white chocolate. A .6 oz. bottle will color up to 2 pounds of white chocolate.
  • Dark, Milk & White chocolate can be used with Jet Black chocolate coloring oil. If white chocolate is used, the amount of coloring will take you through the grey scale from white to darker grey. Jet Black added to Dark and Milk chocolate will produce a black color (using less coloring oil) chocolate while retaining the delicious dark or milk chocolate flavor profile.
  • It’s best to use a low viscosity (thin) white chocolate such as Chocoley Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping & Coating Gourmet Compound Chocolate if you are planning on doing detailed painting with your colored chocolate.
  • Prepare small batches and immediately refrigerate until set up (hardened), but do not leave in the refrigerator longer than the amount of time it takes for the chocolate to set up.

How To Color White Chocolate

1. Melt or temper your chocolate according to instructions for the type of chocolate you have purchased.

2. Warm the coloring oil:

a. Make sure the lid is on tight and place in a small zip lock plastic bag, removing as much air as possible;

b. Place the plastic bag protected bottle in a warm water bath for 10 – 15 minutes (water should be no more than 20 degrees warmer than the chocolate). Shake bottle every five minutes for even temperature distribution;

c. Remove from plastic bag and be sure to dry off ALL water from the bottle before adding to the chocolate .

3. Shake bottle well and slowly add desired amount to chocolate. With our chocolate coloring oils , a 2 oz. bottle will vibrantly color up to 6 pounds of chocolate. A .6 oz. bottle will color up to 2 pounds of chocolate. For a vibrant, deep rich color use approximately 2 teaspoons to each pound of chocolate.

4. Stir gently until completely mixed.

5. If you are making multicolored chocolates: Work with one color, allow it to set-up, then repeat with the next color. Allow each color to set-up before continuing to the next step.