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Chocoley Chocolate Is Crafted In The Finest Belgian Tradition and Proudly Made In America

Low Viscosity (Thinner Formulas)

Low viscosity chocolate from - fountain & fondue chocolate, dipping chocolate, enrobing chocolate, coating chocolate

Chocoley Chocolate

Specially Formulated For Dipping


The chocolates on this page are ideal for dipping applications when you want a thin coating of chocolate on your finished product so that your chocolate does not completely overwhelm the item it is dipped into. Low viscosity chocolate will go much further than a higher viscosity product would in a dipping application because less chocolate will be on each finished item. You may be able to make up to twice as many dipped items with a low viscosity chocolate as you would with a high viscosity chocolate.

Applications where a low viscosity chocolate is especially desired include chocolate fountains and fondue, cake pops, fruits (chocolate covered strawberries, frozen bananas, etc.), dipped caramel and cream centers, cookies and truffles. You can also use low viscosity chocolate in baking items if you want the discs to melt rather than hold their shape.