We Make Playing With Chocolate Fun!

Chocoley Chocolate Is Crafted In The Finest Belgian Tradition and Proudly Made In America

Frequently Asked Questions


      • Is Chocoley chocolate sold in retail stores?

        No, but we do ship everywhere within the United States (including Puerto Rico), as well as to Canada.

      • Does Chocoley make finished products?

      • No, we don't make any finished products...that is for you and your family to have fun doing. What we do offer are gourmet chocolate products for just about every conceivable chocolate application, along with tools, equipment, supplies and molds for chefs, chocolatiers, candy makers and hobbyists.

      • Where is Chocoley located?

        Chocoley is located in Alpharetta, GA, a suburb approximately 30 miles north of downtown Atlanta.You can find more information here.




        • How much does shipping cost and what are my shipping options?

          Shipping rates and shipping options are based on where your order is being delivered to and the weight of the package. Shipping rates are determined by FedEx in real time. When you have placed all of the items you are interested in purchasing into the shopping cart you can enter your zip code on the "view cart" page to calculate shipping rates and see your shipping options.

        • How long will it take to get my order?

          You can find these details in our Shipping Guide, here.

        • Can I pick-up my order at Chocoley’s warehouse?

          Yes, if you live in Georgia, you will be given this option at checkout. Of course, you will NOT be charged for shipping when you opt to pick-up your order at our warehouse. Please give us a call Toll Free: 1-866-528-5252 to confirm the time & day you’ll be picking up your order, as our office/warehouse hours are shorter than our phone hours.

        • Does Chocoley ship outside the United States?

          Chocoley ships to the United States (including Puerto Rico), as well as to Canada.




        • What methods of payment does Chocoley accept?

          We accept ALL major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept payment through PayPal.




        • Is Chocoley chocolate kosher?

          Yes, it is Kosher Dairy. You can get full details here.

        • Is Chocoley chocolate peanut free?

          Yes! All of our CHOCOLATE is Peanut and tree nut free. Some of our other items may not be though. You can get full allergen details here.

        • Is Chocoley chocolate dairy free?

          No. While our Dark couverture chocolate products contain no milk or dairy as ingredients, they are produced on the same processing equipment as the milk chocolate products and may contain trace amounts of dairy.

        • Is Chocoley chocolate vegan?

          No, sorry, all of Chocoley chocolate products either contain milk or dairy Or the chocolate is manufactured on processing equipment that is also used to produce milk chocolate and may contain trace amounts of milk.




        • Does Chocoley chocolate come in blocks?

          All of our products come in disc/wafer form, which is much easier to work with and portion out...without having to waste time and energy breaking up a block of chocolate with a pick axe (not to mention the mess of chocolate flying everywhere). Life just got a little bit easier without sacrificing any quality.

        • With so many different chocolates how do I know which to order from Chocoley?

          Here's a handy guide to help you figure it out!

        • What is the viscosity of Chocoley chocolate?

          Viscosity (thickness in a liquid state) is based on water, with water being a viscosity level of 1 and each number above is how many times thicker than water. So 30 viscosity is 30 times the thickness of water making it a thin chocolate formula. 125 Viscosity is thick, making it ideal for molding and other applications where you want a thick/firm chocolate.

          Viscostity of various Chocoley chocolates:

          30 Viscosity: Just Melt It! Fountain & Fondue Chocolate (this is the only chocolate that will flow through a fountain)

          40-50 Viscosity (depending on flavor): Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping and Coating Formula, INDULGENCE Ultra Couverture Dipping and Enrobing Formula

          90-125 Viscosity (depending on flavor): Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy & Molding Formula

          125 Viscosity: V125 Indulgence Couverture Chocolate

        • What is the shelf life of Chocoley chocolate?

          All of our chocolate has approximately a 1 year shelf life, except for the following products, which each have approximately a 2 year shelf life:
          • Just Melt It! Fountain & Fondue Semi-Sweet Dark;
          • Indulgence Ultra Couverture Semi-Sweet Dark;
          • V125 Indulgence Couverture Semi-Sweet Dark and Bittersweet Dark;
          • V125 Indulgence Sugar Free Couverture Semi-Sweet Dark and Bittersweet Dark

          What is the shelf life of Chocoley cream centers?

          All of our cream centers have approximately a 6 month shelf life.

        • What is the shelf life of Chocoley caramel?

          Both our Caramel and our Coley-Roley Chocolate Caramel have approximately a 6 month shelf life.




      • Do you make custom chocolate molds?

        No, sorry we don’t. We recommend you try: CustomCandyMolds.com (located in California) or ChocolateConcepts.com (located in Ohio).

      • Do you have OSCAR® Academy Awards® chocolate molds?

        No, sorry we don't, I wish we could. We get 100 times more requests for this mold than any other mold. However, ACADEMY AWARD(S)®, OSCAR(S)®, OSCAR NIGHT® and OSCAR® statuette design mark are the registered trademarks and service marks, and the OSCAR® statuette the copyrighted property, of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). AMPAS will not allow anyone to use their “property”. Having this information, we strongly recommend you end your search for this item immediately. Should you be ‘unlucky’ enough to find this item or a strong facsimile to it, and obtain it, you will be in violation of Federal Copyright and Trademark laws which carry steep fines and potential for time in prison, not to mention AMPAS’ right to pursue civil litigation.

      • Do you have Tinkerbell or other Disney character chocolate molds?

        No, sorry we don't, I wish we could. We get lots of requests for these molds. However, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tinkerbell, Snow White and all of the other wonderful Disney characters are copyrighted property of the Disney Corporation. They retain the licensing rights for their own use.