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We Make Playing With Chocolate Fun!

Wholesale Chocolate Program for Businesses

At Chocoley we’re passionate about providing other businesses with the best chocolate ingredients, tools, supplies, and support to help them grow and thrive.

When your company chooses Chocoley products it will set you distinctly apart from your competition with top of the line, high grade, ethically traded ingredients you can feel great about using – ingredients that will leave a positive lasting impression on your customers.

Our goal in serving our wholesale customers is to be the wholesale business that WE want to do business with ourselves. We are entrepreneurs in the chocolate business helping other entrepreneurs with chocolate – and we love it.

To us, being your supplier means always being there for you and bending over backwards to make sure your business is living up to it’s own peak potential. And with our depth of experience helping countless businesses utilize chocolate going all the way back to 2004, you can think of us as more than your supplier -- think of us as your chocolate support system! We’ve seen it all in the chocolate world and we are happy to share the wisdom we’ve learned along the way.

Need ideas for new uses and product lines? We’re here to help! Troubleshooting a chocolate issue? We’ve got you covered. Need some guidance on how to come up with pricing? We can support you there, too. We don’t consider ourselves “just” your supplier – in our book, we’re your partner. When you thrive, we thrive. When your customers are happy, you are happy which means we are happy. Everyone wins.

Wholesale Pricing Options:

We work with businesses of all sizes and experience levels, from muti-location business groups and franchises to the first time home-based business owner.  With no minimum order size required, wholesale customers at Chocoley may order 10 lbs at a time, or may order multiple pallets at a time.

Because of the variety of customers we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to our wholesale program.

Everyone may order from our website at retail prices with no minimum quantity requirements or paid membership required. Some of our smallest and newest wholesale customers, as well those small home based business who only order for specialty seasons in small quantities choose to start as retail customers.

When volume starts to increase to a point that warrants wholesale pricing discounts our small business customers join our VIP Membership Programs as a Gold VIP or Gold VIP Plus. These levels are similar to being a member at a wholesale club. When you become a Gold VIP or Gold VIP Plus you are able to enjoy wholesale pricing, every single day (no waiting on our very rare retail coupon codes for smaller discounts!). You can learn more about these wholesale pricing Gold VIP and Gold VIP Plus tiers here (you may also become a Gold VIP or Gold VIP Plus immediately there).

Wholesale customers ordering larger quantities at a time on a regular basis will generally choose to move up to our highest level VIP Tier: Platinum VIP. This invitation only level is designed for customers who are purchasing a significant amount of chocolate on a regular basis and offers additional price breaks at larger quanitites.

For customers who would like to take advantage of our best larger quantity pricing options available to Platinium VIP members but do not have the space required to store all of the chocolate prior to use, we offer a deferred shipping service that allows you to pre-purchase larger quantities of chocolate at the better discount level. We will set your chocolate aside and store if for you in our climate controlled warehouse, shipping it by the case (or multiple cases) at your request. We want to make sure to accommodate all of your needs.

If you anticipate that you will become a wholesale customers using over 200 lbs of chocolate a month (and especially for those using over 1,000 lbs of chocolate a month) you are welcome to get set up at a Gold VIP or Gold VIP Plus Level to access discounts immediately, but we should definitely talk as soon as possible. We will evaluate whether you are eligible to become a Platinum VIP and help ensure you are set up with the best possible pricing relative to your needs and make sure you have a direct line of contact who understands your business and how we can serve you best. We also want to make sure to incorporate your company’s expected usage into our own forecasting so that none of our customers (you or anyone else!) is ever left in a bind or without product they need. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to help get you set up and answer ALL of your questions.

Whether your business is brand new and based in your own kitchen or is a franchise company serving customers all over the world, we look forward to working together to bring your customers the best chocolate that will keep them raving about your company and coming back over and over for more.